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Come and See Me & Location Mashup by Kiana Ledé (feat. Maurice Moore)

The Come and See Me & Location Mashup is the 6th track on my playlist, The Best R&B Ever. Like the 5th track, it features two powerful and rich R&B voices that blend together really well. However, unlike the effortless blending of legendary voices in the 6th track, this creative mashup features a high level of individual talent, with two young artists sharing the spotlight together.

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The Closer I Get to You Lyrics by Luther Vandross

The Closer I Get to You is the 5th track on my playlist, The Best R&B Ever. It features two of the most powerful and rich voices in the history of R&B. I can see this beautiful song being the featured track on a wedding playlist. The lyrics are perfect for a marriage ceremony or the main dance during the reception. The harmony of this duet symbolize the coming together of two people and the effortless blending of their lives. The vocals of this track are as smooth as silk. It’s the perfect example between people that can sing versus people that can sang. I included this song on the playlist because the harmony between Luther Vandross and BeyoncĂ© is perfect, especially around the 4:00 minute mark.

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Aaliyah began her professional career at 15 years old, with the release of her debut album Age Ain’t Nothing But a Number. She only had time to grace us with 3 albums, before her untimely death. Follow for the Best R&B Ever.

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