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Location Lyrics by Khalid

Location is the 8th track on my playlist, The Best R&B Ever. Khalid’s voice has a unique baritenor timbre. I love the way his vocals blend with the band sound and the subtle call and response, background vocals. I included this song on the playlist because the arrangement has a good vibe with a good degree of musical complexity.

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Heaven And Earth Lyrics by Kenny Lattimore

Heaven And Earth is the 4th track on my playlist, “The Best R&B Ever”. This is a beautiful song that I can see on a wedding playlist, but its lyrics have purpose and meaning through all phases of the marriage. I included this song on the playlist because, underneath my calloused exterior, I am a sentimental, romantic at heart.

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Aaliyah began her professional career at 15 years old, with the release of her debut album Age Ain’t Nothing But a Number. She only had time to grace us with 3 albums, before her untimely death. Follow for the Best R&B Ever.

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